Our Must Have Duck Hunting Gear

Brought to you from Ryan Barton, Cadillac Creek Arkansas.  For him he priorities durability weather-proof and quite frankly, looks good!  During duck season, we live in our gear. 

The needs of those who hunt a few times is different than our guides.  For the guides, they wear this gear 125 days of the year.  Ryan narrows it down to 10 pieces.  Some brand new, and some old as dirt. It was an expensive lesson but my gear takes a pounding everyday.

Ryan's Essential Waterfowl Gear

Filson Original Goat skinned Lined Gloves $150

True to size, very comfortable and great for varying temps.  Great for putting out decoys and picking up decoys.

Apls Outdoorz Timber Dog Stand $99.99

Primarily for Arkansas woods.  Sturdy and lightweight and mesh for the dog and great surface area.

RNT Mondo LTS $145

Used everywhere, not just the woods.  Easy to blow.  Shorter barrel. 

Wren & Ivy Heritage Blind Bag $750

It is large, and can be bulky but the pros outweigh this.  Leather and canvas old school feel.  Heritage piece to pass down.  During season we keep camera gear in this bag.  You can organize the bag to your needs. Many pockets and insulation.

LaCrosse Alpha Burly 1600g Boots $180

Size down on these.  Comfortable and durable.  We prefer 1600g because of the warmth they provide.

Sitka Gear Hudson Jacket $549

Expensive but the best waterfowl gear ever made.  There is no better gear.  Layering systems and the warmth and durability. 


For the rest of our top 10 favorite waterfowl gear, watch the video below. 





The Gear We Use: Sitka Gear: https://www.sitkagear.com/

OnX Maps: https://www.onxmaps.com/

Rich N Tone Calls: https://rntcalls.com

Alps Outdoorz: https://www.alpsbrands.com/alpsoutdoorz

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