Amarillo Texas Goose Hunting

Amarillo Goose Hunting

Amarillo is typically known as the biggest city in the Panhandle, home of the famous Cadillac Ranch, or that interstate 40 passes directly through. Amarillo is also a key area for duck and goose hunting. On average during goose hunting season, weather ranges from 50-20 degrees. This makes Amarillo a favorable location for geese migration. Here's some tips to make the most of your Amarillo goose hunt:

  1. When in doubt, spread the decoys out. Geese can have up to a four foot wing spread. Leave at least six feet of room between decoys for the bird to land. Remember that they want to join the group of geese, not be on top of the group of geese. 
  2. Have multiple goose calls at hand. The different calls can complement each other in different hunting and weather conditions.
  3. Learn the different types of geese. What kind of geese are you hunting? This determines the kind of decoys to buy and what your'e watching for.
  4. Windy days require louder, more aggressive calls. This does take more energy than normal. Do not mistake this with more calls; it means when you call to make them louder.
  5. Don't move. As time goes on, the temptation comes to start raising up and down to see what direction birds are coming from. If you can see the geese, they can see you better.
  6. Floater decoys mean more movement. More movement means the more realistic the decoys look. If there is current, even better.
  7. Sound like a goose. Simplicity is key. Find a familiar tone and stick with it. Think  like a goose, sound like a goose.
  8. Low temperature means geese lay down. Geese try to get warmer by getting closer to the ground. If its sleeting out, try to imitate your decoys laying down. 
  9. Stand out from others. Just because a group of hunters is doing one thing, does not mean its correct. Geese are very curious and want to see the different spread.
  10. Practice makes perfect. Continue to work on your shot to perfection. When hunting, you want to make every shot count. 

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