"€œ...I had seen TV shows about goose hunting...but nothing I had seen on those shows would prepare me for the hunt I was about to experience...just before shooting light we were surrounded by ducks...hundreds of ducks...but right at shooting light it happened.  I found myself in the middle of a swarm of geese.  It took no time for all 10 of us to get our limits...We took some pictures, and everyone had a great time.  We seemed be having a great time even before the birds started coming in, so you just knew it was going to be a good time.  I'd never really cared for waterfowl hunting before, it was always just something to do.  Now after this hunt, I'm hooked and can't wait for next season to get here!!"

- Bobby Bailey

“I've traveled to West Texas several years to hunt with Toby and I have to say I've never been disappointed.  He works very hard to stay on the birds so you can have a successful hunt.  I highly recommend you book a hunt with CCO this year.  The hospitality and effort that go into their hunts are second to none.”

- Casey Collins,  Casey Duck Calls

"€œ...Me, my 7 year old son and some buddies loaded up for a 14 hour drive to the Texas Panhandle...not knowing what to expect.  We set up on water and my little son was so excited he wouldn't shut up!...Right at shooting time the sky got dark with waterfowl...none of the guys with me had ever seen this many ducks and geese!!  But my little boy was cold and we put everything on him we had and he still couldn't get comfortable...Toby even offered him his personal gloves and coat.  His main goal was to make sure my little 7 year old son was well taken care of and that he was part of the action...not only did Toby get him his first banded green head but he made my boy fall in love with the waterfowl tradition...No other guide or person has ever put this much effort into making sure my little man and buddies were happy.  For 4 days Toby put us on a hunt of a lifetime...never did we hunt the same place twice so every day was a new adventure.  If you want quality time with your kids and friends then you need to give CCO a chance...My little boy talks about it every day...asking 'dad, when can we go back and see Mr. Toby?  Guys you can't go wrong hunting with CCO.  Toby made sure we made memories that would last a lifetime....they are 100% about youth and family.  Thank you Toby for being more than a guide, but becoming a friend."€

- Tristan Sparks



“I went on several hunts with Toby last season...he's a top notch guide...he works hard to keep his clients on birds and to make them feel like they're more than just another person paying for a hunt...his blinds are always full of empty shells and lots of laughs...”

- Josh Thomas

“...We had a great hunt...It went so well we had our limits pretty quickly.  Thank you, can't wait for next year!”

- Josh Dean

"€œI have been fortunate to travel to Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and many areas within the United States to hunt ducks and geese.  If I had to choose between hunting ducks and geese on the Canadian Prairies or any place else or with Toby in the Panhandle of Texas I would always chose to hunt with Toby.  The past two years I've been fortunate enough to spend several days hunting with Toby and Jess...and I've had some of the best hunts I ever experienced with them.  Geese landing in massive flocks at your toes...pintails dropping into the decoys in flocks of 20+, gorgeous drake wigeon committing to the spread; just a few of the things I've been fortunate enough to experience with Toby and Jess...If you're after a wonderful experience book a hunt with Toby and Jess and you won't be disappointed.  Oh, and don't let Toby's tattoos fool you, not only can he put you on birds, but he can sing and play the guitar with the best of them!"€

- Bryan "Skeeter" Girolami, RNT-V Videographer

"...This past Christmas [we were in town and] I made the call to Toby for a hunt...the notice was short but Toby said he had a hunt the next morning with an opening.  I met them for my first goose hunt...I was right in the mix of a 10 man limit that morning.  Long story short; when it comes down to it..Toby can make it happen and involve you in a once in a lifetime hunting expirience."€

- Braden Brooks

“...Toby nd Jess are top notch guides...they took my sons and I on our first hunt.  The exprierence left a lasting bond with my sons and I...I was privileged to go a second time with my son and 11 year old daughter.  We had a blast laying in the mud...a memory that we will talk about for years to come.  Not to mention learning how to clean and cook our birds.  We are forever thankful.

- John H. Cooper Jr.

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